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Mother's Day

Flowers are a symbol that is often intended for women. Flowers and women become an inseparable unit, because the beauty of flowers is always associated with what women have. Flowers have the meaning of affection, feelings of love, and care like women have.

Every December 22 is designated as National Mother's Day, this is a special moment for all Indonesian children who want to celebrate Mother's Day. There are many celebrations to welcome this Mother's Day, namely by giving them a flower arrangement. This is to indicate that we love our mothers. Apart from that, flowers for Mother's Day can also be interpreted as an expression of gratitude for their services so far, which of course we cannot return.

Therefore, Orchid Florist sells various kinds of flower arrangements that can be used as special gifts for Mother's Day including: hand bouquets, table flowers, flower boxes and many more.

Types of Flowers Suitable for Mother's Day Gifts

In the following, Orchid Florist will provide several choices of types of flowers that can be used as gifts or special gifts on Mother's Day.

Orchid flower

This orchid flower symbolizes love and beauty. Even though the blooming process takes a long time, this orchid flower is a beautiful and durable flower. This is in accordance with the philosophy of a mother with her beauty and affection so far that has cared for us into adulthood.


The beauty of this tulip flower is indeed very interesting, this flower has a variety of colors. Tulips symbolize a new life and a sense of generosity, you can give these tulips as a gift on Mother's Day.

Aster Flower

This daisy symbolizes tenderness and beauty, like the gentle heart of a mother who always spreads a sincere love for her family. This is the perfect flower to give to Mom on Mother's Day.

Lily flower

The lily flower symbolizes beauty and respect for someone, so this lily flower will be very appropriate if used as a gift for Mother's Day because it illustrates your respect for Mother and can express the inner and outer beauty of a mother from this lily flower.

Ayelir Flower

This carnation flower symbolizes love, this flower has quite a lot of various colors. If you want to give these carnations as a gift on Mother's Day, then choose pink carnations because this color symbolizes the eternal love between you and your mother.


This sunflower symbolizes joy, loyalty, and joy. This sunflower has a suitable philosophy to describe a mother who always looks cheerful in front of her children and never shows her sadness and tiredness.

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