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Baloon Flower

Sell Balloon Flowers to Enhance Your Various Events

If you have ever attended a party adorned with various types of flowers, perhaps you have seen a flower that resembles a balloon. What flower is that?

True to its name, it's called a balloon flower. However, it's important to note that it's not actually the flower but rather a rounded petal with spikes or hairs resembling rambutan fruit.

Sell Balloon Flowers

Fully bloomed balloon flowers boast beautiful and vibrant colors, making them a favorite among ornamental plant enthusiasts for various flower arrangements. Orchid Florist also sells balloon flowers in various arrangements such as table flowers, standing flowers, and bouquets.

If you're interested in purchasing balloon flowers, feel free to contact us through our website or WhatsApp, or you can visit our stores in Jakarta and Surabaya.

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